What is an Early Intervention in Psychosis?

Early Intervention in Psychosis (EIP) Services have been set up across England to help young people who are experiencing psychotic experiences for the first time, whatever the cause may be. 

EIP teams are usually made up of a range of mental health professionals including doctors, nurses, social workers, support workers and psychologists. 

The services work closely with young people and their families (or people close to them) to help them to get back on their feet again and to get on with their lives. We know that in the past some people who developed psychotic experiences often didn’t get appropriate help soon enough and their psychosis was often left untreated. 

EIP services aim to see people as quickly as possible and to give them and their families the specific help they need. 

This might be information or help to make sense of what’s going on, medication, help with finances, help with school, college or an employer, individual or family therapy or merely someone to talk to. 

By getting in as early as possible they aim to minimise the disruption that psychosis can bring to young people who may experience psychosis and their families.

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»If the area you live in is not on the map then contact your local GP for support.
If are an EIP service wishing to add your details to the site, then please contact Fused on 0191 383 7430 or alternatively email us at info@lightthefuse.co.uk for further information.

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