Gary's story

When Jamie told us he was going to China with two colleagues to work, we were very pleased and thought it was just what he needed as he had finished with his girlfriend and seemed quite low.

After about a week, we were getting calls from him at odd times of the day and night where he seemed quite anxious and this was totally out of character. We soon realised that things were not right. His work colleagues were also relaying messages to his place of work back home about their concerns.

He ended up in hospital in Hong Kong and we were asked to go and be with him as long as was necessary for him to be fit enough to come home.

Our lives were turned completely upside down, we thought we were living through a nightmare and could not understand how things had come to this. Jamie had gone away fit, so we thought, and now had a mental problem which we couldn’t explain and no experience of in the past. We just didn’t know how to cope with it.

When we all got home, we weren’t given much guidance initially. Our doctor contacted the Early Intervention Team and the nurse who came out was very helpful and was someone who understood the situation. Another nurse Julie then took over and her support was invaluable. The Psychiatrist even came out to the house to talk to us which we were very grateful for.

Jamie then went to India about a year later and had a similar experience, however not as severe. With Julie’s help he recovered quite quickly and we felt she was there for us as well, to ask questions and listen to our concerns.

From our point of view, in the early stages as well as later on, you need people to help and guide you through this traumatic experience. Many thanks go to all the Early Intervention Team staff who helped us.

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