Zoe's story

I first felt depressed when I had my son. I went to see my GP who asked me if I wanted some anti depressants but I didn’t. I managed to get a full time job and this made me feel better.

Last year I started feeling depressed again. I saw my doctor again and asked him if I could have anti depressants but he said I couldn’t. He said he would sign me off work for a week and send me to group therapy but I didn’t want either of these. In the next few weeks I got more depressed, I started chain smoking, I wasn’t sleeping well and I couldn't cope with the children then I wasn’t able to get to work. My partner was very worried about me, I started getting very disorientated and losing my memory. I was scared and I called an ambulance twice because I knew I was ill but I didn’t know what was wrong. My mum came to see me and she took me to the hospital who told me to see my GP but I wouldn’t because he hadn’t helped me before.

By this time, I didn’t know what I was doing. I was hearing things and thinking that everyone was out to get me. My partner took me to the hospital and I was admitted. I didn’t know why I was there and got very scared, I tried to leave and they had to section me.

I can’t remember a lot about being in hospital except for feeling very strange. I found it helpful to talk to some other patients and I was allowed home after a month. The Early Intervention Team came out to see me soon after.

The Early Intervention Team have visited ever since and my worker always listens to me. I have not had any problems since I left hospital but I know that I have someone to talk to if I need to. She has helped me to understand how I became ill because of stress and how to cope with stress much better. Even the doctor comes to see me at home. The medication has helped but the team supported me when I wanted to come off it. I don’t think I would have done so well if I hadn’t had the team to support me. They have also helped my family to support me.

I have been well for nearly a year now and am only taking Anti Depressants. I am not working but I am a full time mum and I enjoy this, I feel very happy and still appreciate my early intervention worker coming to visit.

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