This web site has been set up for people who have or are worried about someone who have had one or a number of the following experiences:

Hearing voices or noises that others don’t hear.
Seeing things that others don’t.
Other sensory experiences that can not be explained.
Sounds and sights look weird or distorted: they might be louder or brighter etc.
Feeling paranoid or suspicious that people are out to get you.
Worries that a micro-chip or something similar has been implanted in you.
Feeling as though your thoughts are being interfered with – taken away or put into your head, or are changing in some way.
Worries that other people can hear your thoughts.
Receiving personal messages from the television, radio or magazines.
Smelling things that other people can’t smell.
Believing you have special powers.
No longer wanting to mix with other people.
Problems sleeping.
Feeling like you can’t cope.

Are these experiences normal?

It might surprise you to hear that 10 to 15% of people will hear a voice that someone else doesn’t hear at some point in their life and up to 40% of the population worry that people are against them.  

For some people, these experiences are not particularly upsetting for them, but for others these things can become a huge source of distress and they spend a lot of time worrying about them.  

If you want to know more then this web site is for you.

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